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What is the University of Sales?

Our Mission

Mentorship at Scale

Our mission is to provide our students with clear, vetted, and effective sales techniques with the community and support of a mentor-mentee relationship.

For Professionals

Ready to level up your career in sales? Check out our curriculum.

For Businesses and Partners

We offer group workshops, SKO's, and management trainings to take your team to the next level. Let's talk.

Why Sales?

In today’s job market, sales is one of the few roles where you control your paycheck. Rarely do other modern jobs measure your pay based upon your actual performance. In sales, your success directly contributes to your paycheck. Whatever your background may be, sales is the great equalizer. The better you do, the more you earn. We give you the tools to be a success in sales.

Why Us?

We provide our customers with an actionable curriculum grounded in the real-life experience of two proven experts: Scott Leese and Glenn Ladd. These two professionals have spent their careers selling products, building successful sales teams, and scaling businesses to 9-figure and billion dollar valuations. Their process has been used to develop thousands of salespeople who successfully made six figures in months, not years.

Our Coaches

Scott Leese

Glenn Ladd

Our Story

Scott and Glenn are passionate about developing and mentoring others and offer them a clear and proven path to success. The University of Sales was created as an avenue to make a bigger impact by offering truly valuable training at an affordable price to as many people who want it. In the words of our founders:

“Mentorship at scale means we can positively impact people’s lives- much like what we’ve done one-on-one with those we’ve mentored in person- with a lot more people than ever before. In other words, we want to share our roadmap to navigate this world including the lessons, failures, and triumphs along the way while never forgetting to look beyond the horizon and be inspired by what’s next."

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Five Fundamentals to a Six-Figure Sales Career

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